40MB WiiWare titles? Not so fast, says Nintendo

WiiWare FTWSo apparently there was a slew of information generated by a recent IGN podcast about Nintendo’s WiiWare program (Wii Software for you Europeans). We reported on it here at Infendo, but it would appear as though we’ve been had!

When we first talked about this yesterday, 40MB was floated as a possible file size ceiling for WiiWare titles. Personally, I thought that smelled pretty fishy, given the in-game Final Fantasy videos and cutscenes we’re seen already. Turns out I did smell fish.

Eurogamer, via Wired blogs:

A Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer that Nintendo is encouraging developers to make “smaller, more compact games” for the service. Not a cap, per se, more of a suggestion. Probably a very strong suggestion. Developers will more than likely be limited to one release a month, at least at first, so that Nintendo might “address potential volume issues.” The rep didn’t want to clarify much about just who will be setting WiiWare prices, simply saying, “it is important to remember that one of the keys aspects of the WiiWare service is to allow everyone access to fresh, new content at a low price.”

What? You mean the Internet once again jumped to conclusions about unconfirmed news? No way.