Hotel offers Wii rentals, training for — wait, how much?!

225_image_1093997674_2488.jpgGot $120 handy? That’s how much an hour of Wii Sports “training” costs you at the fitness center inside Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien. The move is part of a new deal with Nintendo that will see customized Wii consoles provided to smarmy hotel chains. In the case of Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien (great towels, btw), the hotel has a customized Nintendo Wii console with preloaded games. Guests and non-guests use the console to work out with a trainer on Wii tennis or boxing projected on a racquetball court wall. All that is yours for only $120 an hour. Feeling antisocial? No worries–you rent the console to play solo for just $50 an hour. Sound like a deal? Then you’re an idiot. Bring your own to play for free and stay at Infendo-preferred Best Westerns and other cheap-o venues.