Hot 25th anniversary Mario photo


Just sayin’. To be included with the upcoming Super Mario Allstar game – the photo, not the photo contents.


  1. Makes me wish I grew up in the eighties.

  2. Makes me wish i wasn’t already grown up in the eighties.
    But that’s all right–I played it anyway.

  3. Eh. I know this isn’t the main draw in the art book, and being that it’s not, this doesn’t make me want it any more.

    I grew up with only a NES until about ’97-’98, when my dad upgraded to a used Super Nintendo, so my memories aren’t that old.

    What does make me think, though, is that someone at Nintendo thought that this would be a worth-while investment to create an entire set depicting ’80s life – wallpaper, tv, NES / Cartridges – just to take a picture of it.


  4. I did grow up in the 80s. I win!

  5. Make me want to play on the virtual console.

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