Homebrewers make Mario World of NSMB Wii
Two New Super Mario Bros. Wii level editors surface


Although Infendo can’t officially endorse or recommend unauthorized software or hardware modifications, we keep an eye on the Nintendo homebrew scene.  What are they up to this time? Level editors, two of them, for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. That’s right, two of them: one named “Tanooki,” the other “Reggie!“  The creators of Reggie! even used a pre-release version of the program to recreate level 1-2 from Super Mario World, showing off how versatile the program is – what a blast from the past!

Curious gamers be warned – using these programs may void your warranty or lead to violation of your nation’s copywrite law.   Despite all that, seeing Super Mario World on the Wii is a thrill, and if there was ever a reason for homebrew, this is it – it unofficially adds an amazing feature to NSMB that significantly extend it’s replay value.

Tell us what you think: Do projects like this help the homebrew scene, or damage it by opening it to attack from Nintendo?