FF3 DS Comparisons

You’ve seen the screens, now see the comparisons to the original NES Final Fantasy. GamersDaily is reporting that the character styles for the new DS title are similar to Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube. When can we get a release date for this mug?

[Source: GamersDaily]


  1. This game looks awesome… Unless their’s some sort of big shakeup (ie Sony actually meets its unrealistic sales goals for the holidays), I would say it appears the DS has won this handheld war. They’ve sold more, the games are better reviewed, and it’s only picking up steam, where PSP is slowing. I’m embarassed that I was once skeptical.

  2. Dude, chill. It’s barely even started. PSP will only be 7 months old by the end of the year. Wars take years.

    I think back to all the skeptics in the media before the DS launch and i’m disgusted. Those guys had not a clue.

  3. They still don’t mate.

  4. Is this the Japanese FF3, or the USA FF3 (Japanese FF6)?

  5. whoa the screen to the right is on the ds? those look between gamecube and n64 graphics, i gota get my hands on that

  6. I’ve hated every Final Fantasy since the SNES(Tactics and Crystal Chronicles excluded), and I’m excited about this.

  7. This is making me want to cream in my pants!!! Any words on a solid release date?

  8. “I’ve hated every Final Fantasy since the SNES(Tactics and Crystal Chronicles excluded), and I’m excited about this.”

    I wouldn’t use “hated”, but the last FF I wanted to play (other than FFT:A, I haven’t tried FF:CC) was FF5, so this should be good (I’d rather see FF5 though..)

  9. When I saw that DS screenshot, that was the happiest moment of my life, seeing the BEST (I’ve played on emulators -.-), I consider it the best because it uses full capacity of the NES (Like most people say, square is good at pushing hardwares to their limits on their final games on it) and imagine how they will use the DS… I’m gonna order it before it comes out! IMAGINE! Better good music! BAHAMUT’S FIRST APPEARANCE! (Never really saw it, only on a website, only got to the 2nd crystal) Finally I won’t be a cheating bastard and will have a real copy! Remember kids, only newbs use ROMS even if they can buy it easily (E-Bay). FF3j is somehow an exception til it comes out. Also the perfect match for 1&2: DoS if you have a DS ^^. I’ve known this would come out for nearly 8-10 months and I assume it should come out 0-2 months from december. It also appears that it will have the wireless feature which I have no idea how they will use it. “Best remake of all times”?

    If square discontinues it for US (Im a Canadian but we use US version anyway) square would be insane. …no, wait, EVIL! Yes, it would be evil… I had difficulty to sleep at night since I saw the screenshots. DoS should be past when this comes out. No, I have no idea why my conclusion is at the middle of this, but who cares? I express myself to free my happiness! OMG! Ok, as for the lenght I do not know but I hope it will take 1 week to complete it (6 hours a day :D) and they should add lots of sidequests or something like Souls of Chaos (Soul of Rebirth? Ewwww…). It’s simply better than FFV because you won’t stress for combinations or what job will you take once mastered. I got a bit off the subject… And theres one odd thing… it appears that 4-6 will go on GBA. Isn’t it strange? But I’m a bit afraid of something: that it just f**ks up. Like Rayman DS: Omfg. It’s just a shitty port! I hope nothing will make it’s gameplay low.

    If you like early FFs (7 n Below) you’ll like this one. Especially if you’ve got DoS and a DS.

  10. Bahamut’s first appearance was in FF1 dipshit…

  11. Oh, right, I forgot to say as a summon… heheh…

  12. Holy shyte pal, are you practicing your ranting and esssay-writing skills?? -_-

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