Hidden message in NWC video?

Kevin from Go Nintendo sent in the following: “Not too long ago we had a news story up on the site concerning Nintendo of Europes brand new Wi-fi connection trailer… if you look closely in the background you can watch a hidden word scroll by! While the word itself should be very familiar to Nintendo fans by now, I want to know what the message was put into the trailer in the first place!”

Has Nintendo gone subliminal on us? You be the judge.

Thanks, Kevin and Joaquin!


  1. I think the word might be “REVOLUTION”. I clearly see a “VO” followed by something that might be a “L”, than the video cuts and when it comes back I can see a “IO”. But couldn’t see the entire word.

  2. The word is definitely “REVOLUTION” and it’s puzzling, but then it must mean that Nintendo has finally settled on a name for the new console. Couple this with the leaked logo (which is great, IMO) and it seems as though we Americans should look forward to right wing pundits attacking a system with such a leftist name (joke).

  3. Hum, I can see the REVOLUTION word coming out in parts, but the thing is that this WFC is a REVOLUTION. Maybe it had nothing to do with the up and coming new console of NINTENDO…

    Good eye…

  4. Did you guys notice the vagina and the phallic genitalia?

  5. Defidently “REVOLUTION”. I knoticed it a few weeks ago.

  6. Am I the only one who can’t get any sound to play in Quicktime 7.0.4? Only the video will play, with no audio, and it’s starting to get really annoying.

  7. I think it’s telling me to kill the American president, O.K. Nintendo, I’m going to follow your wishes.

  8. They could be advertising for Revolution’s Wi-Fi service too.

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