Hands On: Family Party – 30 Great Games Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun is the sequel to Family Party 30 Great Games,  and features everything a party game would for anyone of any age. Family Party: 30 Great Games Outdoor Fun offers a wide variety of fun and addictive party games that range from football, arcade style shoot’em up, and various quirky Japanese game show type mini games.

While Family Party is no Mario Party, it still is plenty fun to play. Not only have they increase the amount of selectable characters in this version of the game, there are still characters that you can unlock as you play through all the other mini games.

Each game is specifically tailored for the Wii Remote and takes advantage of the unique motion controls the controller has. One of my favorite games have you holding the remote like a NES controller, another has you balancing the remote as you bend it forward and backwards to go forward (speeding up) and backwards (slowing down), and side to side to balance your character.

However the game registers all the high scores, so it’s a game where you can play it until you perfect it. Players will also be able to play in Challenge Mode or against computer-controlled opponents in Battle Mode to unlock more levels to achieve high score and win medals. The more medals and high scores you receive the more stuff you will unlock just like the original Family Party game. If you like quirky Japanese games, this is the game to get.








”¢ Fun, Addictive Games Optimized for the Nintendo Wii Remote ”“ Players will try their hand at over 30 different games for hours of entertainment:
Ӣ Athletic Games: climb ropes, test your reflexes, tackle obstacle courses, race on a unicycle, or test your balance on a board.
Ӣ Sports Games: race on a boat, compete in a home run derby, score a touchdown, kick a goal, or race for a flag.
Ӣ Muscle Games: train as a boxer, test your strength at hammer toss, or compete in a marathon.
Ӣ Martial Arts Games: act as a ninja, break tiles with a karate chop, or slash with your sword as a nimble samurai.
Ӣ Brain Challenges: make your way out of mazes, test your wit at memory games, or challenge your friends to board games that attack back.
”¢ Play With Up to 4 Friends ”“ Break out the popcorn and gather around the TV as Outdoor Fun is entertaining for the whole family with support for up to 4 players in Challenge
or Battle Mode.
”¢ Choose Your Own Friendly Character to Play ”“ Players will choose and customize the outfits from over a dozen cute characters.
”¢ Achieve the Highest Score and Win Medals ”“ Be the best on the block or at the house and win gold or establish the highest scores on the leader boards.

Publisher: D3Publisher
Developer: Tamsoft Corporation
Release Date: Q3, 2009
Platform: Nintendo Wiiâ„¢
Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

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