Family Party – 30 Great Games Impressions

A party game for anyone of any age, Family Party: 30 Great Games offers a wide variety of fun and addictive party games featuring everything from track n’ field, to playground games, to brain games and more.  Made specifically for the Wii Remote, players will have more than “30” fun games to play as they tackle obstacle courses, plate spin, fire laser guns, test their wit at memory games and more. Think of it more like a quirky Japanese game show where you have to do ridiculous things, or be eliminated.

It might not match up to Mario Party in in but it will give you that party fix with a dozen of fun, cute, and happy characters to choose from. Nine of which are automatically unlocked from the beginning of the game the other 3 being secret characters that you unlock as you compete through the various minigames.

Each game is specifically tailored for the Wii Remote and takes advantage of the unique motion controls the controller has. In this game barrel roll, you have to ride the barrel to the other side of the obsticle course while dodging poles that come out of the wall to knock you off, and spraying bursts of water. You would hold the remote like a Nes controller and bend it forward and backwards to go forward (speeding up) and backwards (slowing down).

Players will also be able to play in Challenge Mode or against computer-controlled opponents in Battle Mode to unlock more levels to achieve high score and win medals. The more medals and highscores you recieve the more stuff you will unlock. Family Party 30 Great Games will be released Mid November with as a budget title. So if you like quirky Japanese games, apparently we will be getting a handful of them this winter.

An artist from New York. Will has been writing, designing, and loving video games since he was young. He has traveled across the United States, and parts of Canada in order to learn more about the world of gaming. After visiting E3 for the first time in 2009, he has vowed to return there and show off a game of his own. In his spare time he tinkers with electronics, programming, and of course collecting video games.