Gross photos of abandoned Wii controllers

Wired published a series of dusty, filthy, or otherwise neglected Wii hardware today. Before any avid Wii users take offense, I’m sure there are plenty of dusty Xbox and PlayStation controllers in the world. But the point is well made: most people have moved on.

22 Responses to Gross photos of abandoned Wii controllers

  1. EdEN says:

    Moved on? Moved on to what if the Wii U isn’t here until next year? Please, stop with the Wii bashing. Have you played all worthy Wii titles? I own pretty much of all them and I STILL have several games on my drawer waiting for their turn. I went back to NSMB Wii to get all the starcoins and up next is completing DKCR and Epic Yarn before finishing Epic Mickey and starting Monster Hunter Tri… and I’ve had the system since launch!

    And you wonder why people have been down on the site lately…

  2. skeptical says:

    Frankly, these photos tell me more about the people who own those consoles than about the state of Wii at the moment. Yuck!

  3. Matt says:

    This is a wired article not an editorial from this blog. That being said though I haven’t done much with the wii lately either, not that I don’t want to. I got a couple of games waiting to be played.

  4. Lance says:

    My Wii still gets regular use, but no where near as much as my PS3 or 360. Simply because there aren’t enough AAA games on there. Sure there are the first party games, but that’s almost about it. I haven’t had any interest in Monster Hunter (I know it’s a very popular game, I just wasn’t impressed with any iteration of that series that I’ve played.)

    There’s also a very noticeable lack of excellent RPG’s. The one RPG I’ve been waiting for isn’t even coming to America at this rate, which would be The Last Story. I’m sure there are plenty of good games I’ve overlooked, but there just isn’t enough quality titles from the 3rd party sources.

  5. Roddy says:

    Not even my Wavebirds look like that. My Wii gets plenty of use from my boy, and that’s half the reason it doesn’t get a lot of use from me. The other half is that adult life is simply unforgiving.

  6. David says:

    I have to say, I’m pretty sick of people who can’t wait to create articles saying “the [system name] is dead!” I just don’t find it interesting or very true. So some whiny people sent pictures in to Wired – I still love my Wii and 3DS; there are a lot of folks out there who play theirs every day. They’re just too busy enjoying games to write about them.

  7. Mohan says:

    Mine would look like that if I didn’t clean my room.

  8. Alvârö says:

    Hehe I knew this would start the rage of many Infendonians again. I’m with Roddy and Mohan, adult life sucks and my Wii would look “grey” if we didn”t celan up.

    Looking Fwd Zelda Skyward Sword and a 3DS this upcoming Holiday season. 🙂

  9. Skotski says:

    While this may seem like a “fan rage” heavy article, you guys have to face the truth: The majority of Wii owners (mostly casual consumers) aren’t playing their Wiis anymore.
    Nothing held them to stick with the console. There was nothing new for them, and their next biggest hit was the Kinect.

    While this may not be a concern for those who play their Wiis constantly, this should be a concern for anyone who loves Nintendo… Nintendo looks at their largest consumers and judges things off it, or tries to create a new market entirely (but that’s an entirely different subject). Casual consumers having dusty and webby Wii items shows that the idea that the Wii was supposed to be “a large part of everyone’s daily lives with their family” basically dies with these pictures.
    And if the Wii U is supposed to do the same in being an intricate part of our days? Not a good sign and Nintendo should take note.

    With that said, I still use my Wii every now and then – much like others, I’ve been sticking with other consoles (including PC) to tide me over until the next Nintendo console. Plus, I’m actually getting use out of my 3DS unlike many others.

  10. CM30 says:

    Don’t these people ever dust or generally clean up their houses? Some of the controllers in the photos would probably qualify as a public health hazard.

    I’ve also generally stopped playing Wii games, due to a lack of interesting new titles.

  11. Blake R says:

    The point is well made. Notice how Blake of all people is the one writing this. It’s good that you don’t get bored of this crap, but we’re sick of reading it

  12. Blake R says:

    Notice how Blake is the one posting this article. Do I sense a pattern?

  13. Infendosucksnow says:

    Yea, this site used to be cool and creative – I used to visit every day. Now, like once every 2 weeks. It makes me laugh with all these people saying nobody plays the Wii anymore, I know in my house and a lot of my friends the Wii gets plenty of play (and we a 360 also). It is sad when people worry about games they cannot play (Xenoblade, Pandora, etc) and just enjoy their friggin game system. Enjoy the moment!!

  14. EdEN says:

    You know WHY I haven’t been playing with the Wii as much? Because I’ve been doing several minis/PSP/PS3 reviews in the last couple of weeks. But I just said “as much” because I still find time to use my Red Wii to play New Super Mario Bros Wii while on my launch console I’m enjoying my Wiiware purchases.

  15. Matt says:

    To Infendosucksnow: While we should enjoy the games that are out that are good we should also worry about the good games we don’t get. Xenoblade I know would be one of the best gaming experiences I would have on Wii, why would I just not care if I get that experience? You seem to have the same wasteful opinion that you should force yourself to enjoy something that isn’t good. For example all the 1st party titles from Nintendo that I don’t enjoy. Everyone seems to have good memories of Mario and Zelda so they go into each game forcing themselves to like it without trying and evaluating the game. (not to say everyone needs to hate it) You should be able to evaluate each game and determine if you like it, not just force yourself to like it because it’s what Nintendo shovels us.

  16. Dusty says:

    Hey, the B button on my Wii Remote is sticking a bit and it’s kind of bugging me. Perhaps one of these guys who no longer need their’s can send a couple my way 🙂

  17. Infendosucksnow says:

    To Matt — you comment was so off base on what I was saying it is hard to give a response.

  18. BlueRocks says:

    My Wii was getting used for three or four hours a day during the school year. Now that my kids are on summer holiday, that time has doubled. They take turns swimming, eating and playing games on the Wii and the PC (Moshi monsters and some monkey 2 thing).

    I still have DKCR that I bought and have not yet opened. Goldeneye is my son’s favourite at the moment. I’ll join in when NSMBWii or Wii Party get loaded otherwise I am glued to Zelda’s Ocarina on my 3DS.

    I don’t have a PS3 or Xbox360. Two reasons. No love for shooters, and no time – the Wii and 3DS take up the rare spare time I have.

  19. EdEN says:

    People are lazy and don’t dust. Not even my Dreamcast controllers look like that. It’s just a “flame/troll” post.

  20. InvisibleMan says:

    All my Wii controllers look like that except for two that get regular use…

    Why only two, when I have four?

    Because the darn Wii controllers use up a whole two batteries in as many days whether they are in use or not, that’s why!! I just simply can’t keep buying that many batteries just in case I want to use those controllers… so I just stick to one or two.

  21. Mustache Killer says:

    if your controllers are getting that janky you have problems and prolly cats as well. i used to live with someone that had a dog and a cat and controllers turned into that in 2 weeks if left to sit and no cleaning was done. Be responsible adults and dust your shit. Have respect for yourself and dont let this happen

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