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I’m gonna come right out and say it; nice graphics really do soup up a game. They are important to games despite what you might think. No they’re not the most important, but they can definitely add a nice touch of style to what you’re playing. Nintendo knows this, though they don’t use it to market their consoles.

When I first played RE4 some 10 months ago, I literally stopped playing for several minutes when I walked through the corridor with the purple drapes flowing in the wind. Capcom redefined “paying attention to detail” and I very much appreciated it as a gamer. It was a very memorable part of the game for me. The next Zelda due out next spring looks gorgeous too, despite being displayed on extremely outdated hardware. So maybe good graphics has more to do with “paying attention to detail” and hardwork than how much RAM is under the hood.

Holy Cannoli Leon! Walk that lovely scenery…

I believe, as Jim Merrick has said, that the Revolution’s graphics will be on par with the competition, especially with the 360. No this isn’t wishful thinking, it’s based on the fact that Nintendo’s console will drop some 6-12 months after the 360. If history teaches us anything, it’s that graphics age with time (it was obvious that the PS2 was behind in graphics this generation because of that reason). The same should hold true for this generation as well. Nintendo appreciates nice graphics, but they also appreciate what I like to call “graphical craftsmanship” that many games lack, despite the hardware they run on.


  1. I was very happy with the graphics ability of the GameCube, and I loved every single game I ever bought for it. People just doesn’t give that console the credit it deserves.

    Final Fantasy VII is the best game I’ve played to date, even though the graphics aren’t as outstanding today as it was. But even then, the craftsmanship that went into the story, the characters and the whole world that the story revolves around has been beautifully put together.

    I love Mario and Zelda because of their “simple nature”. People can say what they want about Wind Waker, but I loved it because it was “new” to me.

    Good graphics can be used to emphazise the contents of a great game. But a game need to be unqiue at the same time to stand out from the rest. Wario Ware, anyone?

    I’m getting a Revolution and DS.. I couldn’t care less about the 360 and PS3 (the latter now sounds like it’s going to be a big joke). I will get the PS3, however, if a remake of FF VII is ever made.

  2. I totally understand your points… The GameCube has never gotten the credit it rightly deserves. (Small disc’s mean less graphics—WRONG)… GameCube looks much better than PS2 graphics especially RE4 (I have played it at TGS2005)…
    Zelda – Wind Waker is great especially on a Progressive Scan enhanced TV… Many of my friends don’t believe that Zelda should be cell-shaded, but Nintendo can get the graphics done perfectly!

    I am also a future Rev owner! Downloading all the classics, just may need a LARGE HD due to the fact that there are countless classics! Anyone else agree?

  3. you’re right about developers usually not paying attention to detail. That influences alot of buying decisions.

    I care more about small or nonexistant loading times WAY more than graphics.. .

  4. Another thing going for the Revolution’s graphics is how similar to the GameCube it’s supposed to be to program for. Every gamer knows that the first generation of games for a system generally don’t look nearly as good as later ones, as developers gradually learn to eke out more power. Hopefully the Revolution’s SDK will obviate this some, and it’ll go out the gate with great graphics.

  5. “Another thing going for the Revolution’s graphics is how similar to the GameCube it’s supposed to be to program for. Every gamer knows that the first generation of games for a system generally don’t look nearly as good as later ones, as developers gradually learn to eke out more power. Hopefully the Revolution’s SDK will obviate this some, and it’ll go out the gate with great graphics.”

    Definitely. I’m a strong believer of this theory.

    I have never worried about Revolution’s graphics. Nintendo in my opinion, has always made the prettiest 3D games. They don’t stop when the polygon count maxes out. They push the hardware as far as it goes, then they add their unique touch with animation and other things. I’ve always noticed it, from Sunshine to Wind Waker to Prime, but Nintendogs really slapped me in the face with the fact. They are the masters of visuals. It goes beyond paying attention to detail- they make it artistic. So when u add that to the fact that the Rev is built upon the Cube’s guts, you have a very capable system.

    Graphics are the most important thing next to fun factor and intuitiveness. What immerses you inside a virtual world is what u see and how you interact with it. You gotta have both.

  6. I’ll be happy if the graphics are on par with the GameCube. If they’re better than that at all, I’ll be more than thrilled.

  7. Though I understand what you’re saying, and that graphics are obviously important, they don’t really matter that much to me. Honestly, I like the look of an SNES game over N64, Cube, PS2, Xbox. This includes the NES as well though. Because those were just not well enough done for me to like, but I enjoy the sprites and backgrounds of the SNES very much, I don’t know why, if a company makes a 2 dimensionally played game, they have to use the “best” graphics. The best painting isn’t the one that uses the best paints and follows all of the rules, why not make a new game with semi-SNES graphics? It’s nostalgic plus I’m sure some people would enjoy it. I’d rather run across the screen as Megaman X or Super Mario from SNES than Viewtiful Joe, that’s not to say that I don’t like the style of that game, there’s just something about the others that I like more. More realism in games however will become very important I’m sure, once people can interract with basically everything they see. People will probably end up like programming the atoms for some game, having prebuilt items making some game for 20 years where you can do anything x_x; In conclusion, my post had nothing to do with this article, I just wanted to get that unimportant SNES thing off of my chest, I feel free and relaxed now.

  8. I totally agree with you, Blake. Beuatiful graphics are a matter of good disegners not how much power, which only helps on the framerate. Consider a lot of new games of the so called nest genreation are running 30 fps, I don’t see what all the buzz is about. Look at Final Fantasy the spirits within. Most of what we see on screen is matte painting. Resident evil 4, is kind of like that. Who cares about great physics is the characters look like toys? look at that Perfect Dark zero which is what I’m talking about. I rather have something that pays more attention to graphic detail than having that “crash test dummie” feeling of the characters. Look at Wind Waker. That game is beautiful in every way. It looks excatly the same as “Little Prince & the 8 headed Dragon” anime movie from the 60’s by TOEI and no one noticed. That’s great graphics, since realistics faces are near impossible. You can tell by their eyes they are fake.

    What Nintendo meant when they said the gaphical limits are over it’s because they already achieved that level in Mario & Zelda. So focusing on new gaming is the way to go. How more realist can racing games get after Gran Turismo 4? I rememer this trailer for some Book or something about this humanoid robots being hunted by a girl, does anyone remember that?

  9. The Wind Waker is hands down one of the most beautiful looking games I have ever played.

  10. Do GameCube games look significantly better with S-Video, Component Video, or Progressive Scan? I am familiar with the principles behind all of these besides progressive scan… I’m not sure what that does. I’ve always connected my Cube via good ol’ RCA composite video. Am I missing out?

  11. I could really care less about the graphics. As long as I can tell one object from another, I’m happy. Good graphics are nice, but they don’t really make the game any better.

  12. They do make the game better, but they don’t make the game more fun.

  13. Prog scan sure as hell makes a diff, even when you compare 1080i(interlaced) versus 1080p(progressive). Interlaced puts the image on screen by using those horizontal and vertical lines u probably have seen once in ur life; Progressive paints the entire picture onscreen at once. That’s why PS3 has the advantage over 360: 360 maxes out at 1080i and PS3 can handle 2 1080p tvs at once.

    Don’t worry about the Rev, though. Nintendo has said they will make sure every single game on the system, no matter whose, will use at least 420p, so it is practically HD. Just a lesser format than the others. But they will be a higher definition than what ur used to now. Anyone whose played Top Spin on Xbox will know how crisp 420p looks. U’ll be satisfied.

  14. I’ve been playing with an S-Video for my cube for years now. It makes the white more crisp and defines the colors much better. It’s no HD, but it’s a definate and welcome enhancement. best $14 i ever spent for gaming acc.

  15. I use the component video for my Cube. 42″ HD Plasma TV, RE4 in Progressive scan… Even SSX3 looks better with progressive… I don’t really like the ‘pixels’, with my Progressive video, I don’t notice them… Can’t wait for the Rev… Even playing all SMB, Zelda, etc… Can’t wait!

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