Goomba named “most pathetic” gaming enemy


The walking mushrooms from Super Mario Bros’otherwise known as goombas’are the sorriest enemy of all time. Or so says the June issue of Game Informer. “The only way goombas could possibly be easier is if they somehow stomped on themselves,” the gaming rag writes. “Displaying no initiative or intelligence, they trod along set patterns just begging to be squished.”

And yet, I still get killed by one after a mis-timed jump. Other enemies to make the list include Glass Joe, The 1990 New England Patriots, Slime from Dragon Quest, and grunts from Halo. The “stupid elf” from Golden Axe, Johnny Sasaki, generic RPG cellar rats, the “monster” from Braid, and Bot the Killer Goldfish rounded out the top 10.

Who would you name as the most pathetic video game enemy?