Good guys celebrate Kart patch while cheating crybabies quit in huff

Ah, can you feel the fresh air? Now’s a great time to go online in Mario Kart 7 as fans around the globe keep picking the Maka Wuhu track to celebrate the recent patch with a cheat-free dash along the terrific island course. Humor abounded earlier today as occasional groups of cheaters — apparently unaware of the patch’s effect — tried to take their normal shortcut, found themselves Lakitued to the back of the pack, and promptly quit. Such tantrums caused a couple of race-ending disconnect errors during my sessions. It was worth it.

Nintendo’s banished the cheaters. It’s like Mario flinging Bowser headfirst into a Bob-omb. Harry frying Voldemort. Bugs tricking Daffy into saying “Duck Season.” When you race Maka Wuhu now, you can almost sense the atmosphere of good will and worldwide cheer as players race the unspoiled curves of the tropical volcano. There’s a palpable sense of good sportsmanship — right up until you get red-shelled and knocked off a cliff. This is Mario Kart we’re talking about, after all.

Thank you, Nintendo. Thank you for acknowledging the problem and taking action. A great game just got better.