Go buy Rhythm Heaven if you haven’t already

rhythm heaven
I’ve been playing Rhythm Heaven for a couple of weeks now, and I gotta say these game is a hoot. If you liked Elite Beat Agents, or are a rabid rhythm game fan, it will challenge your skill in new creative ways. If you’re not big on music games, you might not like it, but the puzzles are so clever, I suspect if you’re in the latter category, you still might dig it. Any readers out there keen on the game?

21 Responses to Go buy Rhythm Heaven if you haven’t already

  1. DaveRage says:

    I really want to try this, hopefully we’ll get a demo soon.

  2. ??? says:

    DaveRage… I don’t know if you have a Wii, and if you are in the United States, but a demo can be downloaded from the Nintendo Channel right now.
    It looks really fun.

  3. DaveRage says:

    I do, thanks for the tip! I’ll hit that up tonight!

  4. KillerHeroes says:

    I liked it. It’s like WarioWare meets Elite Beat Agents.

  5. Boo says:

    I love it, but Space Soccer is a nightmare! I have yet to pass either version. Weird, because I’m not having a problem with any of the other games…

  6. XCWarrior says:

    Wow clearly we are not playing the same game. I tried out the demo that was on the Nintendo channel and I was bored to tears. I forced myself to finish the demo but it was terrible.

    I enjoy Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but this was like a simplified POS. Not sure what kick you guys are getting out of it, but I’ll go without tapping my DS to some beats, but not all the beats, and hearing the same beat over and over and over and over and over…

  7. gojiguy says:

    I really like the look of the title but I want to pick up the original first. Ouendan is probably my favourite game series ever so this looks like it will satisfy my thirst until EBA2/Ouendan 3.

  8. Ninja says:

    I tried out the demo on the Nintendo channel, which was fun.

  9. Lite (On a Windows 7 Beta!!) says:

    I played the demo, but I don’t have enough money for it AND the PokeMon Platinum guide that I want. It’s only one, or the other. And I like PokeMon. A lot.

  10. Billman64 says:

    I beat Rhythm Tengoku on GBA and love this as a ‘sequel’. I still wish RT would have made it to the states as it had the feeling of neo-retro I can’t explain. I appreciate the new flick control and new mini-games.

  11. gametaku says:

    I hate the tennis one. Took me a few hours over a few days to finally beat it. Now I’m on the 3rd remix.

    @Lite: Use Gamefaqs while you wait for more money and get another game. Gamefaqs and serebii.net should be adequate enough for Pokemon until you get the official guide.

  12. Dash says:

    1 word


  13. doughboy74 says:

    Beat the GBA version. I also couldn’t wait for this version. I have the Japanese version and am stuck on the 8th Remix. My wife, however has cleared the game (minus the PERFECTs) and endless games.

  14. The Gamer says:

    The best game! It might be one of the best for the DS this year!! The art style is hilarious, and the songs from it get really stuck in your head! “Fell for ya baby, cause your just so pretty, and thats why I’m dancing, it’s a very happy day! I feel good all the time, thank ya baby!!!”

  15. Lite (on a crappy PC!!) says:

    @ gametaku:

    I don’t wanna wait for them to finish their incomplete, inadequate, and indescriptive guides! To be honest, I was gonna wait on both.

    Now it comes down to a simple game:

    Eenie, meenie mynie…

  16. BatmanX says:

    I got this game on saturday and it is AWESOME! I have been playing it almost nonstop because it is so addicting!

  17. BatmanX says:

    Oh yeah, I have beaten all the games, 26 medals, and 3 guitar lessons.

  18. frstOne says:

    I ordered mine yesterday! Too bad shipping takes 1 to 3 weeks, I can’t wait! I’m a big fan of EBA, I still play it sometimes to improve my scores.

  19. Katha says:

    Yup, this game is really awesome. However I like the Japanese version a little bit more… that’s probably because I got used to the songs with Japanese lyrics.

  20. Keefe says:

    I’m really surprised this game is getting such positive comments. I’m not trying to be cynical, I just judged it quickly I guess to be about as appealing as the endless heap of pet and animal DS titles out there. But you’ve convinced me…I’m going to have to try out the demo and see what I’m missing.

  21. doughboy74 says:

    Downloaded the demo, not much to be ‘wow’d’ with there. Go get the game. It is only $29.99 at Amazon (w/ free shipping).

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