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  1. Regarding the AR games:

    Basically, you have to play all the initially available games to unlock all six first tier games. Then, if you play all six and finish the ones that have an “ending,” a little blue box appears. Shoot it to flip the table to six more games and activities which have to be purchased with game coins. Wait till you see Archery 2: The first one was just a warm-up. It took me 20 minutes to finish on the first go-through!

  2. Another great podcast guys. Hyrule Times? Sign me up for that! I recently beat Pilot Wings 3ds (3 stars on all levels) and I have to say it was pretty awesome! Much more than I expected. Free flight mode with the hanglider was almost… idk.. relaxing. lol. As for the first Zelda game with a companion? Im thinking its OOT. If you want to get technical, there is one point you rescue a kid in Zelda 2 and bring him home… Though that hardly counts.. Navi is the first, and really.. I thought her voice was kinda cute :). lol.

  3. What is the special model of GBA that Blake was talking about?

  4. It sounds like you guys are missing out on some of the build in features of the 3DS. If you go to the Mii Park you’ll actually find 2 very neat minigames. One lets you collect puzzle pieces which you can either buy from the coins you’ll earn by walking with your 3DS in sleep mode, or collect by meeting other people with StreetPass. A other very cool feature in the Mii Park is a build in dungeon RPG minigame. Here you can use the people you’ve met in a turn based battle system to defeat enemies and progress, by doing so you’ll also unlock different cool kinds of headgear for your Mii, such as a Link hat or even a Metroid helmet. I’ve got my 3DS since launch and didn’t buy any games but i’m still having fun with the dungeon game which I haven’t beaten yet. Also, I noticed nobody mentioned Majora’s Mask which Ifind on a par with Ocarina of time in it’s own right. Majora’s Mask really stands out as a completely different and very touching Zelda game and I personally hope that one of the future Zelda’s will be as daring and unique as Majora’s Mask is.

  5. Well u have a portable GCN in ur pocket, basically.
    and those games were $50.
    an example, Asphult 3D i think is basically Asphult 5 from ios store.
    but they added 3D and actual usable controls.

    i cant play games on iphone/ itouch because of tilt and limited
    control of touch only.
    Duke Nukem 3D is $.99 but its almost unplayable because of control,
    where as i would pay $40 on the 3DS no questions asked.
    Because i can contyrol it.

  6. Good ol’ GBA SP…I’ve had mine for seven years.