Infendo Radio: Why won’t Nintendo let us interview Retro Studios or Monster Games?


That and more: Completion rates, 3DS marketing, underage listeners, gaming regrets, western Nintendo titles, and one DS game you should have on your radar. Enjoy the show, everyone!

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  1. Probably because you guys are at the point where you diss Nintendo more than IGN and Game Informer do COMBINED. That takes some major skill, but you’ve pulled it off. Plus hardly any reviews or much news posted on the site anymore.

    Just saying.

  2. Great podcast guys, I know I’ve harped on you for “hatin’..” a lot lately, but we’re cool now. I was caught in a bit of fanboy rage. 🙂 lol Anywho, you guys talking about the Metroid Prime Trilogy has inspired me. I (unlike Blake, sorry bud), have a copy of the re-mastered games. I played through Prime, and loved that game, and then started Echoes, but was a little Metroided out, so I gave up. I’m gonna give it another go, and beat that game! By goly, I’ll probably love it too. Also, fyi, Other M is where I jumped on the Metroid fan-wagon, and I loved that game. Bland, cold, killing machines just aren’t my thing. Other M illustrated a character, with some depth, outside of just another trigger pulling hero. Of all the things people hate about Hollywood, why don’t video games get written up for un-remarkable heroes? Master Chief, the Fable dude, Contra guys.. etc..

  3. (Blake and Derek will probably hate me for saying this. lol)
    I want Link to have more emotions, and more of a depth to his character. Kinda like they did with Samus in Other M, just without the voice acting. I guess Wind Waker did that pretty well… lol Ok, so just do it like that. 🙂

  4. Great show, guys! And thanks for the shout-out…

    And just to add to the Nintendo online experience issue: the danger of Nintendo not doing a complete rehaul of its online network structure is that a console’s network effectiveness is independent from the hardware or software… If the network isn’t robust on Wii, it won’t be robust on Wii U either even if the guts of the new console are more powerful.

    Things even casual gamers are expecting from an online gaming service today include being able to see if a friend is online and what are they playing at the moment (without having to be in that same game), what games they have been playing, instant messaging to said friends, and being able to send friend requests by just selecting the gamer’s profile name or number code. All of these are currently missing from the Nintendo online service. These basic features ensure that the games will get played online, otherwise it is just too much hassle for even the most dedicated of players.

  5. If you want to pay for shipping, you can have my Metroid Prime Trilogy, Blake, provided you promise to finish it!…I never did…I don’t like the Prime series.

    (Note to everyone else: this offer is not available to you. You don’t need to ask.)

  6. Monkat – Just for that, you’re getting a gold star! (Seriously though, does Infendo have the nicest most civil internet readers or what??)

  7. I love EXCITE TRUCK!!!!

  8. I think Excite Truck was the Wii game I put the highest number of hours into…

  9. @InvisibleMan: You do realize that EA is helping Nintendo with their online services for the Wii U, right? That’s very shallow-minded of you to think that just because the online wasn’t that great on the Wii, it won’t be great on the Wii U. Things can improve. -.-

  10. I’m 11 and i watch infendo. I love infendo and i hope you guys do more stuff but I’m surprised more “underaged”, or “really underaged(Like me)” dont listen do your podcast. I mean i know a few kids at school who like nintendo but there more into the other game systems right now probably because nintendo isn’t coming out with much stuff right now. Ya so cya guys and if you could fit this on your next podcast that would be great.