George Harrison: Mii’s to become third-party pet project

Reuters has posted an article which begins by mentioning the online strategies of the three next-gen (buzzword) players, and then basically the rest is a feature about Nintendo.

“While the designers behind the Playstation 3 are expected to follow a model similar to Xbox Live with a robust online component offering games, music and movies, Nintendo is taking a different approach with its console, which hits stores on November 19”

And then from there it’s Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo — mostly Mii commentary (‘Mii’ even made it into Reuters’ headline).

To top off this Mii sundae there’s this from George Harrison: “He expects third-party video game publishers to make Mii creation tools available and expects more Mii-compatible titles by the middle of next year. ‘It’s true potential isn’t even known yet,’ Harrison said.”

The Mii’s became a bit more robust today, anyone else have some wild ideas what they might be used for in the future?