Generous hand holding to be found at Wii kiosks

Take all of those wild ideas you had about flailing your arms about willy-nilly like a rag doll and attacking complete strangers with a Wiimote at your local Wal-Mart and throw them away, because they aren’t coming true. Not with the Wally Mart gestapo camped out right next to you.

Say what, you say? Well, the Wiire is reporting that those Wii kiosks (which we may or may not have seen already) will have a healthy dose of adult supervision.

“Echoing previous statements by Nintendo of Australia spokesman Vispi Bhopti, [George] Harrison said that retail staff members would be at the demo units ostensibly to help consumers ‘have a successful first experience with Wii.’ Whether or not Wii’s purportedly intuitive controls need explaining, staff members will likely serve as deterrents in attempted thefts of the Wii Remote.”

It’s an ewiite cadre of retail store special forces, designed to protect and serve the curious masses as they approach the Wii. As for me, I’m definitely going to my local Wal-Mart to challenge its Wii chaperone to a Wii Boxing match. Falling prices? Try falling Wal-Mart employee.