How low tech won the console war (so far)

The Guardian today has a nice wrap up of the Wii’s success so far, with a few choice quotes that sum everything up quite well.

“The past couple of months have seen a flood of adoring coverage. Breakfast TV presenters have thrown themselves into live Wii Sports sessions, while highbrow pundits on the Late Review shamefacedly admitted the genius of the machine. As a console manufacturer, you know you’re on unstoppable form when a man can accidentally punch his wife while playing with your console and the tabloids treat the story as a comic tribute to the product rather than conclusive proof that games are bringing about the collapse of civilization.”

It’s true, and I don’t think any number of fluffy class action lawsuits are going to change the fact that people wear Wii-related scars with pride. Not with Al Roker shaking his thing to Wii Sports anyway.

“As one of the most fascinating years in videogame history draws to a close, there is one story that stands out: the return of Nintendo. It’s almost impossible to believe that earlier this year journalists were unsure how the public would react to the Wii, with its motion-sensing gimmick and dated technology (it’s little more than a customised GameCube).”

That’s true too. There was uncertainty, for some. So, be honest. Where you a closet doubter? Maybe you look back at the GameCube and even now you still doubt Nintendo can pull it off. How can Miyamoto and Co. change your mind?