Do Nintendo execs say stupid things?

I was reading a BusinessWeek interview with Shigeru Miymoto this morning, and it was your standard fare. They didn’t say anything I hadn’t heard before, which was ok, because I probably read over more Nintendo and video gaming news than the average joe reading BW. However, as I read the Q&A, I started to think about other company execs from other video game powerhouses, and how for the past year some have said some amazingly stupid things for the amount of money they have and power they wield. Shiggy and Ken’ichiro Ashida, a veteran designer for Nintendo, just seem really honest in their interviews. In this one, Miyamoto says HD gaming is in Nintendo’s future if and when it takes off (it hasn’t yet, but Nintendo employees wanted it included); he says it took 2 years just to get the wireless working in the Wiimote (it was finished just this summer); and he revealed that Nintendo doesn’t use focus groups, and instead relied on developers to shape what the Wii would eventually become.

All that said, have Nintendo execs ever said anything really stupid through the launch process of the Wii?