Gaming Infidelity – Fraternising with the enemy


[Welcome aboard to new Infendo UK Correspondent Phil! -David]

Ok, so hands up if you’re a Nintendo fan? That seems to be most people here, good stuff. I wonder though, how many of you would say you were a ”˜fanboy’ (or fanman)? Probably less, but I would definately put myself in this category and it’s very difficult to be a die hard fanboy and a wider videogame fan at the same time.

I’ve never owned anything other than Nintendo consoles. I still have (and play) my NES, SNES, N64, ”˜Cube and Wii as well as the likes of my DS and GBA and have vehemently dismissed any suggestion that any rival console is better than any of these. Not in a childish ”˜la la la, I’m not listening’ kind of way, but with logic and reason and I honestly believe Nintendo consoles are the best (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this on this website). As a result, I’ve never had any desire to own a Playstation or an X-Box or Sega etc and if there were ever any games on those consoles that I wanted to play, well my brothers usually had them so I could just commandeer their consoles for a session.

Lately however I’ve found myself contemplating becoming a ”˜Wii60′ owner. This has been brought about, predominantly by extensive (and increasingly drunken) online multiplayer sessions at friends’ houses ”“ usually COD and Halo – and the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 and Brutal Legend. This has left me feeling very guilty.

I shouldn’t want another console should I? I mean, I love the Wii. It gives me endless pleasure. From the epic rolling hills of Hyrule, to the vast reaches of Mario’s galaxy, right down to hacking people in half in some other mad world. But I’ve found myself lusting after another. I still love my wife Wii, but a couple of nights spent being deafened by the 360’s fan system (whilst the Wii remains off, covered with a cloth so it can’t glare at me judgingly) seems so appealing.

I’ll never abandon Nintendo so long as they keep churning out great games. I’m practically ready to explode with excitement as I wait for enough cash to grace my greasy palms to buy NSMBW and as with any game in the franchise, the new Zelda title has me giggling like a bloody schoolgirl”¦ and all they’ve released is one piece of artwork! No, Nintendo will always be the best, but in the same way that sometimes I just want a cheap takeaway instead of going out to a restaurant, I want to supplement my gourmet gaming with some occasional lesser fare.

Does this make me a bad Nintendo fan? Or is it possible to be a Nintendo fanboy whilst getting some X-box on the side?

And what will my friends say? I know for a fact my brothers will take this as an admission of defeat after all these years and proof that Nintendo isn’t the best. But I do prefer Nintendo; there are just a few small things it can’t offer me right now.

So Infendo, what say you? Should I be stoned for fraternising with the enemy, or is it OK to indulge one’s frag-tooth from time to time?