GameSpot says LostWinds “isn’t good enough”

In his Thursday review, GameSpot’s Tom McShea gave Frontier Developments’ LostWinds a “mediocre” rating of 5.5 of 10.

A surprising evaluation in jarring contrast to the game’s mostly glowing reviews, McShea conceded the game proves “motion controls can fundamentally change how a genre is played,” but due to sloppy controls, a “sleepy presentation and all-too-easy puzzles…LostWinds just isn’t a good enough game to make people take notice.”

Members of the Nintendo Defense Force should be sure to read his entire review before bringing out the guns; he did have some good things to say about LostWinds. But his low score and criticisms do seem to conflict with the prevalent meta-assessment of LostWinds.

It seems we have another controversial GameSpot Wii review. But to those who’ve played the game, are McShea’s criticisms justified?