GameCube Retrospective

GameDaily has put together a nice GameCube retrospective that highlights some of the best and worst games the system had to offer. From the article: “Something only fails if it completely disappointed. Only some aspects of the [GameCube] disappointed individual gamers in certain areas, the rest held in place and gave lots of love to the excellent games and the hardware itself. The GameCube may have given Nintendo the learning it needed to take the market by storm with the Wii.”

You can argue all day long whether the system was a commercial success. Profitable? Very much so. Did it meet expectations and sales targets? No. But was it a gaming success? Though I’m in the minority, the GameCube has been my favorite home console to date. It served up the pinnacle, in terms of advancement, of what Nintendo franchises have to offer. Despite its dry spells, the console was a huge success in gaming, at least for me.

Now let’s see where Wii can take us.