Atlus: A Mini Etrian Odyssey Update Video

Quests are awesome, aren’t they? They give you purpose, they reward you, and in RPGs, they’re often the heart of things. You know what’s just as good as a quest, maybe even a bit better? A side quest, that’s what. A side quest gives you choices. It lets you take a break from a game’s main story. It lets you further explore a world you’re really enjoying.

What are your feelings on quests and side quest management in games, Infendo?

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  1. durpaderp says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics drives me crazy. I’ve still never managed to get all 300 due to missing quest items and whatnot. I definitely plan on picking up Etrian Odyssey III though.

  2. Marcus says:

    @durpaderp: I got through Tactics eventually, and the reward is a continued main storyline (with Judge Cid at its heart).

    It’s quite rewarding, really =)

    On another note: I absolutely adore side-quests and quests as a whole when done appropriately. The best way I can explain this is to call up TESIV: Oblivion. The game was packed with side-quests, and I mean literally PACKED. The sheer volume of things you could do within that game was staggering.

    However, it wasn’t a perfect formula. When limitations are placed on your ability to roam (e.g. backpack encumberance limitations, time restrictions, long distances to be traveled with no easy way to return, circumventing long distances through quick travel), it sort of breaks the whole experience. I love Oblivion because every quest and sub-quest has a story. And those storylines work.

    But when you can’t experience them in any way you want to, or get stuck repeating the same quest over and over and over again (I’m looking at you, cave and dungeon design for Oblivion), it gets a little too repetitive. For that reason, I never finished Oblivion. I got so bored doing these “fun” and “engrossing” side-quests that I never got anywhere near the endgame.

  3. @ Derpaderp

    The thing about Tactics Advance, that really bugged me, is that you have a 1 in 3 chance of being able to complete the game by yourself. If the game deems you in either track B, or track C, for quests you will be required to trade with someone to get a quest item. Since the game requires you to trade with someone who has the item, and is willing to trade it to you. Which makes it pretty much broken.

    It was because of that system that I was unable to finish tactics even though I did beat the main storyline.

  4. matt says:

    I did not do most of them in EO1 & 2 or in the main game of DQ9. I think I only did the ones I had to do. In general I don’t like them unless it’s hard to get experience otherwise, but I find that grinding works just the same and requires less thought.

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