Etrian Odyssey

Atlus: A Mini Etrian Odyssey Update Video

Quests are awesome, aren’t they? They give you purpose, they reward you, and in RPGs, they’re often the heart of things. You know what’s just as good as a quest, maybe even a bit better? A side quest, that’s what. A side quest gives you choices. It lets you take a break from a game’s main story. It lets you further explore a world you’re really enjoying. What ar...

Etrian Odyssey III: The Combat System

If you are familiar with dungeon crawling games and the various dangerous F.O.E.’s waiting to get you, and by F.O.E.’s I mean all manner of creatures, creepy crawlies, and monsters await you on and beneath and above the water off the coast of Armoroad. Any adventurer knows they will need to be prepare and spend a lot of time battling to gain experience and perfect the “Combat Sys...

Etrian Odyssey III, Now with more Sailing

The seas off the coast of Armoroad are vast and filled with secrets and dangers. You can sail the vast waves and find upgrade your equipment, fight and defeat new types of enemies, as well as unlock passage to new areas. If exploring is not your thing, you can catch a rare fish or two to trade back at the port. This completely new addition for the series, seems to add endless depth and hours of pl...

“Forests of Eternity”, pre-order art book for Etrian Odyssey III

If you pre-order Etrian Odyseey III at Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City at Amazon, or a few other game stores, where you can get this sweet looking 60 page art book entitled the Fortress of Eternity. It’s always nice when a great game gets a great pre-order bonus! To check out a sample of the art book hit the jump!

Etrian Odyssey III for the Nintendo DS

Character classes, Map making, hidden treasures, and unique stories. Etrian Odyssey III features everything that made the first two games great but adds even more content and unique encounters. I’ve always found Etrian Odyssey to always be one of the more challenging titles Atlus releases, has anyone managed to play through the first two games?