“Free” Wii remote covers cost Nintendo $18 million

Nintendo kingAs Mel Brooks famously once said, “It’s good to be the king.”

For now, Nintendo is the current king of console sales, and that newfound wealth has led to some flexibility in the wallet, as David’s Wiimote-themed post from earlier this morning points out.

Case in point: Japan’s Ashi newspaper, via IGN, confirms that the Big N dropped over two billion yen ($18 mil) on the freebie Wii remote rubber covers, and expects to send out about 20 million of them globally when all is said and done (I’m not sure if this includes all the ones they’re packing into new Wii boxes and Wiimote packages, as it doesn’t say).

Nintendo reps said the multi million dollar giveaway will have no effect on the company’s bottom line. Must be nice.