Fire Emblem First Impressions

Reviews of Fire Emblem are popping up on the Japanese online community Mixi and so far the game has a 4.23 point review (out of five), with 52 reviews posted. I am far too lazy to translate all fifty two reviews but I’ll take a few choice lines to give you the gist:
Suppaman: The story is interesting!! (5 star rating)
Nni~:…Since you can’t come back once you die, it takes a long time to play the game carefully enough. I wonder how many times I’ve shut the game off when a party member dies at the last minute. (5 star rating)
Haruka: It’s an evil game that doesn’t let you come back after dying… (3 star rating)
Shirubaastaa:The best! This could become a killer app for the Wii. Just like the GC version was.
I wanted more normal games to come out like this (as opposed to wiimote waving ones). (5 star rating)
Kana: I passed the first four maps, then realized that data from the GC version would give you something special, so I started over from the beginning. I couldn’t pass the third stage so I’ve stopped playing for today. I’m happy that they’re releasing normal games like this on the Wii too. It would be good if Dragon Quest would come out on the Wii as well. (4 star rating)
The complaints about starting over after dying are pretty universal, but everyone seems to like having a Wii game that you don’t need to shake the controller about to play. Mixi users can get all the untranslated reviews at the source.