Finger Pointing is Aplenty in Capcom and Level 5’s New Adventure



The quirky Capcom/Level 5 crossover 3DS title, Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney, has just been released today in Japan, with this trailer surfacing yesterday showing off what looks to be one of the most ‘Japanesey’ games ever to have graced the earth.

It’s got it all: blue explosions, a creepy metal-eyepatched old man, endless sweating large-eyed eccentric characters and, yes, that crazy finger pointing action we’ve all come to know and love from both franchises. The trailer’s in Japanese, and it hasn’t yet been announced whether this title will come to the West or not. There have however been whisperings of a western release, as well as a Facebook pole designed to gauge interest, in which this came out on top, with over 6,000 votes.

According to Wikipedia gameplay includes Layton puzzle solving and subsequent Picarat earning, as well as Phoenix’s beloved court case resolving, all weaved into a story about a young girl accused of being a witch, and a labyrinthine medieval city (called “Labyrinth City”) controlled by a mysterious man known only as: “The Storyteller”. It sounds ambitious, crazy and over the top, so I’ll probably be picking this one up if it ever sees a western release.

Fingers crossed.

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