Favorable Reviews for Wii Play in Japan

The Japanese site Mixi, which is a Japan-only site similar to myspace or facebook allows its users to post reviews on products like DVDs, CDs, and video games. Intrigued, I decided to look over some user reviews of “Hajimete no Wii,” the game + wiimote bundle that will be known as “Wii Play” if it is released in the US. 27 users have reviewed the product so far with a resulting score of 4.11 points out of five. Most of the reviews were indeed very positive and tendend to highlight the game’s value, which is only about ten dollars more than the attached wiimote in the first place, and the top pick mini-games appear to be hockey, billiards, and shooting. Negative comments were either about how the shooting game was not a port of duck hunt (which was apparently expected), or focused on the demo/tutorial-like qualities of the mini-games.
If your browser is logged into Mixi, you can click on the source for all of the Japanese comments.