Fatal Frame IV Characters Revealed

Fatal Frame LogoFatal Frame IV is apparently going to be released for the Nintendo Wii sometime in the near future. The Fatal Frame series is based around Japanese myths surrounding ghosts and tainted spirits. The game also has extensive roots in Japan mythology and settings as the games have always been in Japan, usually placing the main characters in abandoned mansions or town.

It’s still a little surprising to see Fatal Frame to be released on the Wii since the series was originally made for the PlayStation 2. The game is apparently a joint effort between Tecmo, Grasshopper Manufacture, Inc (Suda51), and Nintendo. It was also revealed that the game will be published under the Nintendo banner, does that mean that Nintendo now owns the rights to Fatal Frame? Who knows at this point, I can’t wait to hear more information about this game at E3, hit the jump to see some new character information.

Ruka Minazuki

The main heroine of Fatal Frame IV. Ten years ago, Ruka and four other girls were rescued by a detective after being kidnapped. Sometime between the rescue and the events of the game, Ruka lost her memories. Her main goal is to return to the island in hopes that she will regain her lost memories.

Misaki Asou

One of five girls kidnapped and later rescued by a detective on Rougetsu island. She’s a strong-willed girl who always has to have her way. Lead by a girl in black who appears within her memory, she leaves for Rougetsu Island convincing Madoka (another survivor) to go with her to the island.

Madoka Tsukimori

One of the three survivors from the Island, she is a weak-willed girl who was made to go to the island by Misaki Asou.

Choushiro Kirishima

A former prosecutor who originally saved the kidnapped girls. He’s now running a detective service and has been asked by Ruka’s mother to follow Ruka to Rougetsu Island.

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