Japanese Wii accesories turn up at Fry’s, reveal other colors

jpackageclassic.jpgSince I’ve been home from school, my Mother has given me the assignment to buy her a Wii, should I find one at a local store. While checking Fry’s for the elusive system I was confused when I saw two rows of both the classic controller, and the wiimote, each with different packaging. Upon closer inspection I discovered that the smaller boxed packages were Japanese imports, being sold for the same price as their US counterparts.
Why? Chances are when the Wii launched, the game-buyer for Fry’s knew that accessories would be hard to come by, and decided to order extras from Japan in order to pad the stores stock and prevent them from running out. In fact, when the PS2 was released there was a similar shortage of memory cards for the system, but you could still get Japanese ones at Fry’s for no extra cost.
In this case though, what’s important about the Japanese packaging is that written in roman character’s under accesory’s name is the word “shiro” or “white,” in Japanese. Thus this packaging is a pretty definite giveaway that other colors for wiimotes, and even classic controllers are on the way.