Fan made Link’s Awakening (Map) in 3D!

Koholint Island is AWESOME

As covered in a previous story, blogger and 3D animator, MithosKuu, is trying to recreate the world map of Links Awakening in lush 3D. As of right now he has about 38% of Koholint Island completed, and it isn’t going to stop when he completes it. MithosKuu plans to fully render all of the dungeons in the game including the bonus dungeon only available in DX.

However, if you were wondering about him converting his work into a working game, he has stated that there are no real solid plans to do so. He is considering it once he finishes modeling everything, although, MithosKuu doesn’t want to thread on the toes of Nintendo or get Cease and Desist. There is always hope of Nintendo thinking about re-releasing the game on the DS as an updated port much like Square has been doing with various Final Fantasy games.

Via Mithosk-games.

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