Fact or Fiction?

Spong is reporting that Nintendo will reveal the Revolution in it’s entirety at the TGS in mid September. They are reporting with “100% certainty” so I guess they’re in good with Nintendo, right (yawn)?

Do you think it fits within Nintendo’s strategy to release full system specs and unveil the controller at the show? Fits in with mine…

[Source: Spong]


  1. No, Spong isn’t that reliable, & I’ll take it w/a grain of salt.

    Nintendo should wait toe release the design of their controller on the weekend before the 360 launch

  2. Spong reports a good portion of anything that comes their way (regardless of its validity). I personally would be incredibly stoked if this were the case though. Sept 16th (granted they announce it the first day) is a friday, fridays I don’t have school and hopefully the announcement will be streaming live somewhere. So heres hoping it’s on the 16th.

  3. i think it POSSIBLE…i dont find it very likely my guess is 70/30…70% chance they wont and 30% chance they will

  4. If Spong is reporting it, then there is roughly a 100% chance that it’s fake.

  5. Hehe….well….
    We know that Nintendo has no booth at TGS (or did I just make that up and made me believe it O.o 😉 )
    They are going to host a press conference/keynote kinda speech….
    IF they showed the Rev, they had no booth to show it at later on….
    SO the only possibility they show it at TGS is if they have some secret booth or a secret show in a bulding next to the TGS….
    SO imho not true….I’m still hoping for something this week as Infendo and Joystiq reported and even IGN mentioned…..

  6. I hope it’s true I want to know, though it doesn’t matter because I’m still going to get it if they wait to reveal it the day before it launches.

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