Exciting Times

Nintendo is good. Yeah that’s coming from a fan site, but can you think of a more exciting time for Nintendo gaming? I just got done playing two very different games, using very different technology, yet extremely alike. Wario Ware Inc. for the GBA, and Nintendogs for the DS. I simply can’t get enough because these titles, along with so many others are extremely creative and fun to play. Turn the system on, and get hooked. No planning. Just gaming.

Nintendo is so outright creative, I’m convinced they could entertain us with just about anything. Even with stellar technology and hardware, it has always been the games that have fascinated me. They have games that appeal to everyone. They have games that inspire. They have games that bring a smile to just about anyone’s face.

The company’s three pillar strategy is seeming more and more like a stroke of genius. Classic 2D and traditional gameplay can always be found on the brilliant GBA, with games still coming out, and many more to come. And they keep pushing the system’s limits with the likes of Advance Wars, Wario War, and Minish Cap. The DS is the most creative piece of hardware I think we’ve ever experienced. The games out for this system our so fresh and original, it’s a shame if you don’t own one. You would be sorely missing out.

And finally the Revolution, or so it’s called for now. The title is still fitting though. It’s not just the name of an upcoming console, it’s a model for redesigning how we play games. It will bring together past, present, and future, while simultaneously changing the way we play games. A majority of us, myself included, can’t even fathom the possibilities clearly. But the best part is that it’s only going to get better.


  1. I guess you can say that nintendo have never been so “active”. These days Nintendo are facing the biggest competition, the biggest threats. In the past, the old GB sold for a whole 9 years before Nintendo released the GB Pocket. The SNES sold for 6 before the N64 was released. Today, Nintendo are having the Gamecube, GBA, SP, NDS AND GB Micro selling simoutaneously.

  2. This is a very good start to try and take back at least second place- and i thin this will be very possible. Nintendo is going to make its next console not the best, but the most interesting, therefore gamers will get either the uber expensive PS3 or Xbox360, and then get a revolution- this generation will be all about whether you have an xbox or PS3 again, but also whether you have a revolution too, that is the position nintedo needs to be in to gain marke position, and i think it could be the right way to go!

  3. I’m not into handheld gaming so I can’t say anything on that.

    Yet I’m sorry to report that I didn’t fire up my GameCube since the sensational Resident Evil 4.

    If they don’t get A LOT of developers to produce games for their next-gen babies they have a serious problem.

    I’m a gamer who buys Nintendo hardware just to play the next Zelda… (my reasons to buy GameCube: Zelda Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil Remakes + 4 and MGS:TTS) but for a more casual gamer I can understand that GameCube is third (in US/EU).

  4. indeed you are right my friend!
    hey i was checking some old posts of yours and i came to “Open for business”, you may need to modify the lines “You can think of them of the Apple Computer of the Video game industry (only not so quite hip and trendy as the iPod maker)” because with the gameboy micro and the yet to be released revolution, nintendo is trying to be hip and trendy to appeal to a larger crowd, and nintendo is just doing that.
    by the way love your blog, i visit it regularly.

  5. Thanks for the feedback vavorb. Agreed as they definatley are getting more hip.

  6. yeaps this blog rocks!!! 😛
    keep going 😀

  7. Good times indeed 😀
    I just wanted to say that I too LOVE this blog 😀
    Keep it up !

  8. When the goin’ gets tough… the tough get goin’ 😉

    Nintendo is fighting hard and doing what i belive are the best things ever done before in the game industry.

    p.s. I love this blog too

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