Nintendo to unveil controller at TGS?

[Update: Sorry folks, this one may have been a little preemptive on our part (even though many sites are reporting). Call it wishful thinking but if Nintendo doesn’t show it at this event, then when?]

Well it looks like official reports are coming in and that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will in fact display the Revolution controller this September 16 at the Tokyo Games Show. That’s only 18 days until we find out about it’s goodness and analyze the heck out of it.

The company will also unveil the Revolution in full. That means specs, more functionality, and a plethora of speculated games including Mario 128 (New). This is what we have all been waiting for… Very good news indeed.

Any last minute predictions?

[Source: GameCube Cafe, Softpedia, Aussie-Nintendo, CVG, PALGN]



    I’ll be on holiday on the 16th

    But return again on Saturday 17th!

    /breathes a sigh of relief

  2. Come on! Joystiq had that story up for about five minutes before they deleted it! What’s GC’s source?

  3. If I had to place a bet on a date, I’d bet on this one. There’s been a lot of talk about Mr. Iwata calling reporters and the propper officals to this show, for? Well, I’d imagine it would be to show off the Revolution and it’s controller. And I also imagine Mario 128 must make execellent use of the controller, that being th reason Nintendo keeps talk up about it, and has chosen it for this gameshow.

  4. The TGS would be most suitable to reveal the Revolution controller, it’s the biggest thing after e3, and Nintendo did promise to show all before the end of 2005.

    I’m betting on TGS 😛

  5. Ninny got me all confused 😀
    I have no clue when they’re going to show it (maybe TGS, but then maybe not) and you know, by now I don’t care!
    I just wanna know !!

  6. It seems to me that the TGS would be a little early..
    If the revolutionary aspects were kept secret to avoid MS and sony copying N’s ideas, showing off the revolution now would give Ms and certainly sony enough time to dump their controllers and copy any innovation before launch.
    Certainly, sony’s banana controller has not met with much enthusiasm, and the xbox’s is virtually the same as the last gen one.
    Any innovation would likely be snapped up eagerly by N’s two main competitors, so I wouldn’t et on the TGS, I’d wait for spaceworld.

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