3rd Party Publishers

Business 2.0 had a nice article on Ubisoft. The publisher is quick, fast, develops great games, and is very creative in some of their efforts. They have a goal to develop three “new concept” games out of every 10 they make (think Beyond Good & Evil).

Which third party publisher do you like the best?


  1. Konami, Capcom… I used to love Technos, but they no longer exsist..

  2. 3rd Party

    Namco, Capcom, Square-Enix, Konami

    2nd Party

    N-Space, Retro Studios, Silicon Knights,

    1st Party

    Nintendo all the way!

  3. A always thought Natsume were ok. Legend of the River King on the GB was cool

  4. grasshopper manufacture gets a nod for the size of its balls.

  5. Sega used to be my second favorite first party developer, now they’re my first favorite third party developer.

  6. I really like Sega. And Smilebit has made some pretty worth-while games.

    Jet Set Radio Future is really fun. GUNVALKERYIE I have never played, but I have heard it’s amazing. And Panzer Dragoon Orta? ‘Nuff said.

    HAL Laboratory, Inc is also an amazing second party developer. The Super Smash Brothers series has always been one of my favorites, and Pokemon Snap (which I just bought a few days ago for three dollars at EB) is also incredible.

    Capcom just owns, period.

  7. YellowOysterCult, you sound like you know what you’re talking about.

  8. I really liked the Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon games on the Dreamcast and Saturn. Funny that the only noteworthy XBox titles are sequels to ex-Sega exclusives.

  9. I like Tresure, though I guess they’ll a development team. I like Namco, Capcom, Konami, and Sega when it comes to Nintendo though. They seem like die hard supporters (except capcom, backstabbing bastards.)

  10. Personally I like SEGA.

    I’m hoping we can get them in our stable soon.

    Very soon.


  11. Capcom with out a doubt would have to be my favorite 3rd party developer. The have came out with a few triple-A titles in the last year for the gamecube (RE 4, Veiwtiful Joe series) and the gba(Minish Cap)

  12. Sega and Natsume was one of my favorates, but natsume disapointed me with HM:AWL since it lost the feel of HM, like the feel when you pick 50 turnips in one day. I have alwase loved sega (like the father i never had), but I lost that love when RE4 came out, now I love sega (like the even better father that i never had).

  13. sorry it was suppose to say: now I love CAPCOM (like the even better father that i never had).

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