Photos of Miyamoto smoking, making Super Mario Bros. 3


As seen in a 1989 Japanese children’s book. Because kids love smoking and Super Mario Bros. 3.


  1. Sheesh, even my office is nicer than that!

  2. omg

  3. To emulate Shigeru Miyamoto and Solid Snake are the only two good reasons to smoke. : P

  4. can not believe shigsy smoked/smokes. shocking.

  5. dude, its stressful to develope a game such as mario, a smoke ones in a while might just help u cool off and feel relaxed.

  6. he said he quit smoking cuz it’s bad for his health or something

  7. 🙁 This was a big disappointment! 🙁 A genius like Shigeru should know better! He could now get a shorter life and therefore get less time to create times! 🙁

  8. Despite the fact that he’s smoking in a children’s book, Japan never seemed to make smoking as much of a big deal about smoking as the US does.

  9. He quit smoking so he could get healthier. He stopped a while a go.

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