Even Nintendo games skirt protocol

After all the pre-launch HD debating of 2006 and Nintendo opting out of a conventional next gen, they let so-called graphics whores down easy, saying, “We can still be friends… with benefits.” Benefits like 16:9 widescreen support and progressive scan for 1st party games.

In an unusual turn of events (depending on how you view them), Nintendo’s reminiscent of another Japanese gaming giant at the moment. WarioWare Smooth Moves – which you’re probably making a fool of yourself with today – joins the Wii 4:3 Hall of Shame by not supporting widescreen displays. Game Life’s Chris Kohler doesn’t really mention prog scan, but he’s vocal about lacking a widescreen mode in Nintendo’s latest:

“I finished up the single-player mode of Wario Ware for Wii earlier today. Although the game was fun enough so that I wasn’t really bothered by it, this does need to be said: Smooth Moves is the latest inductee into the Wii 4:3 Hall of Shame. Let’s make this the last one, Nintendo.”

I’m not on the WarioWare: SM bandwagon – i got enough minigames as it is – but widescreen is most definitely not a factor for me and my CRT. As Chris says, it’s close to negligible, yet whenever a first party game lacks a rudimentary feature, a Nintendo rep loses its wings.