Fake Reggie Twitter Account Suspended; Real Reggie Should Take a Hint

A few days ago, a Twitter account appeared that had Nintendo fans both skeptical and delighted. Reggie Fils-Aime (@NintendoReggie) began speaking to the Twitterverse about how he had played the demo to the latest Zelda Wii title, talking smack to Kevin Butler (@thekevinbutler, VP at PlayStation) about the PSP Go, and teasing the announcement of a “beloved franchise” to be announced at E3.

However, this afternoon, the account was pulled by Twitter, no doubt after Nintendo put the kai-bosh on this impostor. While this hype train clearly was fake from the get-go (Reggie of all people is know for being tight-lipped and trying to keep the hype under control), it makes me wonder why more executives don’t use this tool. After all, Kevin Butler is on Twitter and is very interactive with Sony fans. Granted, its not exactly a priority for Reggie (or any other executive for that matter), but it did seem like it could have been a good opportunity to generate excitement among Nintendo fans.

And don’t try to tell me that Nintendo already does this with their official account (@NintendoAmerica). We all know that account is crap.