Europeans set to enjoy Japanese VC

Lost LevelsThe release schedules of companies like Nintendo, Sony, et al are somewhat confusing. Sometimes, Nintendo will release a great game like Mario Galaxy in North America and Japan, and then Europe sometime later. Then Sony will release a demo of something like FIFA in North America, and then strategically decide not to release it in the Old World. Then… OK, so basically what I’m seeing here is that Europe gets hosed.

But not with Virtual Console titles! Today, as I play catch up with some news from the week of September 10, we see that some Japanese games of yesteryear are coming to Europe, not the States (oh, and they have Wrecking Crew, right David?). Nintendo confirmed this week that Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Mario’s Super Picross, Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun and Sin & Punishment will be coming to the European Virtual Console over the next several weeks. In a first for the VC however, the Lost Levels are set to be pulled from the service on September 30.

Oh, and did I mention that you blokes get a Silver DS Lite too? One could always import one of these region free puppies, I know, but that just isn’t the same.

I’m jealous, so maybe some of our European readers can take a picture of the screen and sent it to us or something.