Iwata Quotes?

[Update: Looks like this is a quote from MS’s Peter Moore not Iwata. Now that sounds about right.]

I’ve never heard any mention of Nintendo President Iwata bringing home the Xbox 360 to his wife much to her liking but Gamer Lounge is reporting that this in fact happened. They go on to quote Iwata as saying that he thought a “digital entertainment center” might be what’s needed to grow the gaming market. This seems counter intuitive though due to Nintendo’s “game only” stance. I can’t find any other sources but would like to know if this is true. Not that it would necessarily be a bad thing because major competitors like MS and Sony have to be doing some things right.

If true though, “loving an idea” and selling units in the case of the 360 is a completely different thing. But does Gamer Lounge have it’s facts straight?

[Source: Gamer Lounge]


  1. This is ABSOLUTELY OBSURD!!!, President Satoru Iwata would never in his life time bring home an XBOX 360.
    1) He is ALL NINTENDO
    2) Then what is the point of the Revolution if he likes the XBOX 360, I can understand him complimenting MS on some of the aspects, but NOT ALL OF THEM.

    In all, Gamer Lounge is BS’ing this whole story. I do not believe it one bit

  2. It was a butchered quote. go here

    and read the way it is supposed to go. Almost all of that was said my Peter Moore of MS, not Satoru Iwata. Looks like a realy bad copy and paste job, judging by the dangling quote at the start of the second paragraph. ’nuff said.

  3. Yeah, this smacks of extreme faketitude. Thus the inability to find anything to back it up.

    Aaaand, besides, it doesn’t expand the gaming demographic. It exposes somebody to a high-end media center, not to games. Absolute BS.

  4. Honestly though, even if he did it’s not the end of the world. It’s a very smart idea to know EVERYTHING about your competition, even if that means bringing it home and playing a few games or what have you. (and yes, they are considered competition dispite anything anyone says).

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