Eternity’s Child now $5 WiiWare title

Eternity's Child

The enigma wrapped in a riddle smothered in Mind Trap-esque brain teasers that is “the WiiWare” is something that’s held at least my attention for the past few months, and I imagine many Infendo readers and staff members are equally invested in what, exactly, the service will bring to gaming.

Another hint bubbled to the surface today from Cartoonist Luc Bernard, whose quirky ex-Xbox Live Arcade title is WiiWare bound at a pretty sweet price point:

Cartoonist Luc Bernard tells that his platformer Eternity’s Child is now a WiiWare title coming Q2 2008 for $5. The quirky (we mean that positively) title has an equally quirky history, starting out as an Xbox Live Arcade title before switching to the Wii because of the 150 MB size restriction. Curiously, an IGN podcast reportedly pinned a 40 MB size limit for the service, a figure which Nintendo has disputed

WiiWare is a pretty open book. News like this is great, but I’m imagining (and hoping) that it’s just the tip of a very large iceberg. An iceberg named potential that also includes remade NES and SNES titles with online, new content, or Bionic Commando graphical updates like we’re seeing with, well, Bionic Commando. 2-D platforming goodnes GET.