Nintendo Releases Pink Game Boy Advance SP

At the end of the month Nintendo is slated to release a ton of non-games and casual games that are intended to appeal to their growing audience of both older gamers and also female gamers. None of these games, however, are playable on the new dusty pink GBA SP. Why? Because they’re all for the DS. Believe me, I am more than glad that Nintendo is deciding to release their systems in pink (DS Lite please!), but all of the games they’re creating for this audience of pink product purchasers are on a newer system- a system that is already two different kinds of pink, and plays GBA games to boot. Having said that, a lot of GBA games are about to go on sale as “Ultimate Hits,” and “Player’s choice” picks, so for the budget concious portable gamer the eighty dollar pink SP could be a sleek and economic purchase. Just don’t expect to be on the cutting edge of girly games.