Nintendo Releases Pink Game Boy Advance SP

At the end of the month Nintendo is slated to release a ton of non-games and casual games that are intended to appeal to their growing audience of both older gamers and also female gamers. None of these games, however, are playable on the new dusty pink GBA SP. Why? Because they’re all for the DS. Believe me, I am more than glad that Nintendo is deciding to release their systems in pink (DS Lite please!), but all of the games they’re creating for this audience of pink product purchasers are on a newer system- a system that is already two different kinds of pink, and plays GBA games to boot. Having said that, a lot of GBA games are about to go on sale as “Ultimate Hits,” and “Player’s choice” picks, so for the budget concious portable gamer the eighty dollar pink SP could be a sleek and economic purchase. Just don’t expect to be on the cutting edge of girly games.


  1. Why? Why, why, why? They sold those in Japan back in September of 2003. They need to focus more time on the DS and DS Lite which are sold out in Japan. I believe that $80 is too steep of a price considering that the Micro is still $90… Hmmm… Just something for everyone to think about and ponder… I mean, why is Nintendo focusing on four different handhelds? I can only think it is to get rid of their stock. Just repaint…

  2. I’m still waiting for the Plaid DS to match my high socks and hush puppies.

    I agree with doughboy, they need to drop one of these advance consoles. we don’t need 2.

  3. I reckon in the future they should release a handheld that is easily to spray paint whatever colour you want.

    Anyway it probably won’t be too long till Nintendo slowly phase the GBA out, if history is anything to tell by. It took around a year or so for the GBC to disappear with the release of the GBA.

  4. Nah… They never will stop developing games for the GBA! Right now those are the games with the highest return on investment on any platform! VERY cheap to make and distribute, and game developers still sell enough copies to make back their investment several times over. Plus, it is still the best new platform for “retro” gaming, in my humble opinion…

    I welcome any new colors (I won’t buy them), but if you really want a “girly” GBA, get the silver Micro that comes with the flowery faceplate!

  5. meh.

    now gimme news about the ds lite!

  6. Yeah stop selling the systems that have Final Fantasy 1 thru 5 on it……

    Hell the GBA SP and Micro will still be around in 2007, and they will even be able to play NES, SNES games viz a SD card and reader….

  7. Personally, I’m waiting for the Game Boy Advance SP: Paisley Edition.

    When, God? When??

  8. The micro was a market test and working in the industry I can say I haven’t seen a shipment of them in months. So if you can find a 20th annivers. edition grab it while you can cuz it aint gonna be around long.

    As for customizing…get a skin. You can find all sorts of darn cool skins out there. There’s even a couple web sites out there that are willing to do custom ones so long as there’s no copy right infringement involved (there ya go paisley and plaid fans).

    And heck…I have just enuff old school GB and GBC games to hope that the SP doesn’t go away. I love my DS but I need to have the backward compatibility somewhere.

    So in reality there’s three handhelds and really don’t you figure if the DS Lite is well recieved that will make the Phat one go by the wayside? That doesn’t bother me so long as there’s an awesome color OTHER than white. While I can get a skin I HATE the white. Why is the standard on everything white or silver? Yuck! I LOVE my teal DS… traded a perfectly good silver w/ a skin that made it look like an NES to get it and I’m still very happy w/ it.

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