Episode 300 is incoming, send us your questions now!



We will very soon all be sitting down, with some old returning members of the show to celebrate our 300th episode of Infendo Radio, the best Nintendo Podcast on the English speaking internet. It would be really great to have a big mail bag of interesting and thoughtful questions to go through, and I can guarantee you will get allot of opinions, discussion and hopefully intelligent feedback, all capture in time for this special 300th episode.

So I ask you, any questions?

Lewis Pugh is a game developer at Leuvsion (www.leuvsion.com) for mobile platforms, born and bred on Nintendo gaming. Being a developer gives Lewis a unique perspective on Nintendo news, especially relating to the eShop and Nintendo Network. Today he plays Wii U and 3DS enjoying their distinctive gameplay offerings. Looking into what the future holds for Nintendo is always tricky, even with its established heritage, but that’s exactly what makes it so fun. NNID: Leuvsion


  1. What has been the most difficult moment in Infendo radio history? Whether it was a technical issue or an uncooperative guest, maybe.

    Congratulations on 300 episodes guys.

  2. What would be your most memorable moment when Nintendo was King in the gaming world?

    Also THIS IS INFENDO!!!!!! Happy 300.

  3. While Iwata has been getting much of the blame for Nintendo’s recent stumbles, I’m noticing more criticism being aimed at Miyamoto. Case in point below.

    Thoughts? Has the video game industry passed him by? Some say he micromanages, though that would be difficult to verify from afar. We often complain about lack of games, and that is his area of responsibility. Maybe he’s in the wrong role?


  4. I wanna ask something that we started to touch on last time; how big of a Catch 22 is the GamePad for Nintendo? The fact that it’s there and has the ability to be something different means devs either have to take time to optimize it…or lazily move map and items to it in order to give the Wii U the same games as everyone else with little to no distinguishing value.

    I feel like Nintendo should start mandating more creative uses, and be willing to hand Devs some extra money to entice them to actually do it instead of just running away from the console.

  5. Oh, and if y’all could vacation in one Nintendo location for a month, where would you go and why? Personally, I’d go to dream land. All that food…

  6. Nintendo should force devs to do something they’re not doing themselves?


  7. Nope, not gonna bite the bait you’re throwing, Lou.

  8. Another good take – a company that is losing money should pay devs to develop for a console no one is buying.

    Nintendo has admitted they’re moving on from this mess. Pouring more money into it would be a horrible mistake.

    Oh wait, we’re talking about Iwata. Yeah I guess I could see this happening.

  9. First, I have a question specifically for you Lewis. I see that you are a Game Designer/Maker, but it appears (from your website) that all you’ve done is mobile games. With the praises from Indies about ease of use in regards to Unity, is there a reason you haven’t jumped onto the eShop with anything?

    My second question is for the site itself. In the last podcast you guys talked about the “Nintendo Lifestyle” of the 90’s, and dreamed of a glorious return (or desire thereof) of Nintendo Power, albeit digitally. I don’t know if this site is trying to be “really big” or anything more than “a professional hobby,” but why don’t you guys try and make a monthly digital magazine? I think $0.99/month (at least at first) for a good, digital INFENDO Power could be a great investment in the future of the site.

  10. @Lou

    I saw where they “admitted the Wii U has failed” (in quotations because that is not what they said and actually a pretty liberal interpretation of what they did say), but I missed where they said (in any capacity) that they were “moving on from this mess.” Care to show me that one?

  11. Um, they’re a business, and businesses always spin in their press releases. But they’re already talking what the next generation console will look like, and (I’m going on what’s being reported) Tropical Freeze makes zero use of the gamepad. They’re moving on.

    Like I’ve said many times – we don’t like Nintendo because of hardware – we like them because of software. Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default would be just as good on an iPad, or any other hardware device. Mario Kart or Smash Bros would play just as well on a PS4.

    Maybe you guys feel they should bring Virtual Boy back? Not everything works. They will have to make a change at some point – I’m really not sure what the big deal is. Again, don’t we just want the software anyway?

  12. Lou, maybe you should listen to episode 299 of Infendo Radio. We cover the investor meeting very thoroughly, and the things you’re talking about are things you’re mistaken on.

  13. Shouldn’t (alleged) poets know not to end sentences with a preposition?

  14. @Lou

    You are guilty of the same “information spin” of which you are accusing Nintendo, just the opposite direction.

    Your statement about them discussing what the next console will be like is 100% true, but holds no merit whatsoever. Why you ask? Because YEARS ago (long before the Wii U problems they are facing now) Nintendo openly said that they are always working on “the next thing.” Even without that years previous admission, working on the next product doesn’t mean they are abandoning the current one.

    As for DKC:TF (and even though you didn’t mention it MK8) and the lack of GamePad use: yes, it’s disappointing to the point of being downright criminal. Luckily I’m not interested in DKC:TF. I have said before and I will say again: just because the GamePad isn’t being fully utilized/utilized to its full potential/hell, utilized at all, DOESN’T mean it was/is a bad idea/addition. That’s false logic. That’s drawing an unrelated conclusion from incomplete information. There is (currently) ABSOLUTELY no CONCLUSIVE evidence to show that the GamePad is not resonating with the gaming market. None. Period. Anything you try to say to prove that statement will take me less time to take apart than it would take me to type it out.

  15. Just so I’m clear – you own a Wii U, like Nintendo… and are not interested in DKC:TF? That honestly makes no sense to me. DKCR was one of the great Wii games.

    Fine – if it’s not the gamepad, then you explain why the system isn’t selling. And spare us the lame “no marketing” excuse.

  16. As far as no evidence that it’s not resonating with the market…. oh man is that classic. Here’s some perspective for you:


    The Wii U has miles to go to catch the gamecube. Hell, it’s going to take a while to pass the saturn!

  17. First, I just don’t really like DK ANYTHING. DKCR was just….ok. I really enjoy the NSMB series, so it’s not because it’s a 2D platform, it just didn’t/doesn’t resonate with me.

    Secondly, the honest truth is that there is no one factor hurting the Wii U. There have been mistakes, A LARGE AMOUNT of them, but some mistakes actually go back to the Wii (and one in particular goes back to the N64). Just because the Wii U isn’t selling doesn’t mean people don’t like the GamePad. YOU don’t like or don’t want the GamePad, but you aren’t everybody. Also, I DIDN’T say there is no evidence that the Wii U, in its entirety, is not resonating with the mass market, I said there is no evidence that the GamePad itself is what isn’t resonating. You can try to say or think I’m splitting hairs, but I’m not. The current situation is bad, but that doesn’t mean find a scapegoat (the GamePad) to blame it on.

  18. A lot of talk, but you dodged the question. Please give some details on these non-gamepad related mistakes.

  19. @Lou

    I am at work right now, and have been replying (when I could) with my iPhone. I don’t have the time to write out a response now, but will sit down and do it this evening. I will even email to Lewis and see if he will post it as a guest editorial/article, because it will be long. I look forward to your input then.

  20. Leave it to Lou to totally derail a topic about asking questions for a radio show and turning it into a battlefield.

    Don’t question the way I write my poetry based on how I write my sentences. I could speak in nothing but ebonics and urban slang mixed with a bit of Spanish if I felt like it; it has NOTHING to do with how I produce my poetry. In fact, I openly invite you to read some of my work sometime–Essel will vouch for the quality (if he even exists on here anymore).

    Also, allow me to remind you that them working on new consoles already is NOTHING new. They’ve admitted to starting on the Wii almost instantly after the GameCube hit the shelves. Which may explain why it was so sorely underpowered, but I digress.

    The same thing with the Wii U. It was being designed instantly. I don’t know if you’ve been referring to this “Nintendo Fusion,” or the “Blue Ocean” Health-inspired platform, but let me educate you: one is a rumor with NO factual backing, and the other is a health platform that isn’t a gaming-oriented console that they’ve said will not hinder their gaming department.

  21. Maybe Essel died after reading your poetry?

    Yes, I’m sure nothing will hinder their gaming department. They obviously know how to churn out software at a pace everyone is happy with. Are you really so naive as to think they won’t make the same mistake they’ve made numerous… wait, don’t answer that.

  22. Considering Essel and I are friends on Facebook…your cheap shots aren’t going to make any more of a point than you’re trying to say that I’m not making.

  23. Now look who has the crappy grammar.

  24. Nice try troll, but it’s written as intended.

  25. Lol, troll calling someone else a troll. That’s funny.

  26. I want to be on the PodCast 🙁

  27. For the love of god people! This damn website doesn’t even have a tab for the Wii U! Stick a fork in it already. It reads, “3DS, Wii, DS….”

    Nintendo will make games for the iPad. They will be awesome and profitable.

    Eventually, they will make games for other platforms. They too will be awesome and profitable.

    The gamepad didn’t work out. Nice idea. It didn’t work out.

    There is nothing special about the Wii U. There is, likewise, nothing special about Sony or MS systems. They are boxes with computer chips and various and sundry other electrical components. Nintendo did not design your Wii U for you. They designed it to make money from people matching a specific demographic. Those of us who are critical of Nintendo are actually trying to preserve the company.