Are you getting too old for long games?

Someone at 1UP is…

What I know I would like to see is developers recognizing not everyone can play games for long stretches at a time and creating ways that make it easier to play in smaller bursts. Not enough games allow you to save your progress at any time, despite the fact that there are ways to do so without opening the door for exploits. Temporary saves that are deleted once they’re loaded are one possible solution that could perhaps even be integrated at the system level.

How about you?

11 Responses to Are you getting too old for long games?

  1. rakesh says:

    this comments testing….

  2. Fuzz says:

    Since you are testing commenting here. . . please don’t get rid of this old comment form! I don’t have a Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL account. I won’t be able to comment using the new system above.

    And yes, this old man is getting to old for long games. No reason you can’t just freeze the action, like closing the lid on the DS. Hit pause, power off, return later, unpause.

  3. Hyawatta says:

    Saving At Any Time Preferred

    A reason that you can’t just freeze the action, like hitting pause, closing the lid on the 3DS, returning later, and unpausing is because it could be days before I have time to get back into the game. I would still like to be able to check my StreetPass and SpotPass data as that does not take up as much time to do. If I keep my game paused, I can’t do anything else with the system until I am finished with that game.

  4. Richard says:

    Yes. Yes I am. 🙂

  5. garyaga says:

    Yes. As a kid I refused to use strategy guides or play on easy. Now that I have responsibilites I play on easy most games and use a guide every time I get stuck lol.

  6. Nin3DS says:

    Most certainly not. No, I’m much the opposite. I’m getting so good at the games I play that I end up beating them too quickly, in the first day or so. To that end, I honestly wish there were more long games with less save/checkpoints and a higher level difficulty, not the opposite.

  7. Mohan says:

    I don’t have time for long game sessions any more, so I really the idea of save any where. More games should implement it.

  8. Gern says:

    I’m not too old. I’m tired of having to re-play long sections of games, for no good reason. I like the modern era of games with frequent checkpoints or like the Fallout games allow you to save your game from “anywhere”. I’ve played every Call of Duty single player campaign and have generally happy with the checkpoint systems.

    I have not played Skyward Sword yet, but I am disappointed if it makes you replay a dungeon if you want to quit (or die) before completing it.

  9. XCWarrior says:

    I might not have as much time as I used to, but I’m not paying $50 for a 8 hour long game. Price it right, make it a digital download for $5-7, and I don’t mind it being shorter.

  10. Richard says:

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl is an example of the perfect game structure for me at this point in my life: I can play it for two minutes or two hours, it’s always fun, endlessly random and replayable, and has tons and tons of unlockables.

  11. onetruegamer says:

    Getting too old for *bad* games, rather. And games follow Sturgeon’s Law just like everything else. The longer a game is, the harder it is to put up with games that aren’t worth my time and attention.

    I play only a few games a year now, and I choose them with extreme prejudice.

  12. I totally feel that. I still don’t think that I’m that old, but born in the 80’s I was raised with the kind of games that you could finish in one sitting, and not have to spend 2-3 weeks or even months on a game.. and I prefer that.
    Even though Skyrim, WoW, Fable and all these rpgs seem amazing and wonderful I still don’t have the time with work and all to just focus my every weekday evening on playing one game that will take over 80 hours to finish (and then you STILL haven’t discovered everything and 100%’ed the game).
    This is why I prefer playing old school platformers, or even stick to my old consoles (even though I play xbox as well, but mainly XBLA), because then I can finish several games in the time it would take me to play through one giant saga and feel that I achieved so much more with my time ^_^
    I’m also obsessed with exploring everything and 100%’ing games, so when a game gives me too many options and directions to go I just get extremely indecisive and it just creates anxiety instead >_<
    So yes, I'm too old for long games. Keep 'em short! =D

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