Enterbrain squashes its own DS redesign rumor

DS liteSorry DS Lite redesign fans, it would appear the last bit of credibility concerning the DS redesign rumor was smothered in its sleep today as the source of the rumor, Enterbrain, took back everything president Hirokazu Hamamura said about it earlier in the week.

“[Hirokazu Hamamura] did not…make a comment about the possibility of an announcement by Nintendo concerning a new model or successor to the Nintendo DS due to its current scarce product availability caused by its worldwide popularity,” a statement read.

Don’t worry though, because Infendo has you covered. Our own David laid out an E3 DS prediction of his own using some educated estimates and guesses about expanded DS Lite functionality. I’m inclined to agree, even if he did write the post whilst fueled with six steins worth of Germany’s finest grog.

A new DS design was a pipedream at best; it was just too soon to think that Nintendo would tamper with its biggest cash cow. There’s always E3 2009.