Enter the Hunters

The official boxart for Metroid Prime: Hunters, straight from the folks at NOA. Sleek stuff, looking better by the day!


  1. Gorgeous cover. Can’t wait for the game. That and Tetris.

    Completely unrelated:

    A nifty mainstream review of Electroplankton from my local paper:


  2. ^
    | In Response to that San Francisco Chronicle article: Note the 3rd paragraph from the bottom,

    The DS has been out since 1994, so the PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360 have received a lot more hype in the United States…”

    Out since 1994?? Try 2004. Anyways, thought that was quite the over sight.

  3. Nicola! Where have u been!?

    I will tear this game apart when it comes out.

  4. Journalism always gets games wrong. It was the gist of the article I liked (well, I didn’t like the comment about the DS being the most innovative thing outside of PC gaming. PC Gaming?!? Really …)


    ps, Hi Rollin! Just been taking a gaming break for a bit. I got the second floor on Animal Crossing and then wnet another half mil in debt. I decided to take a break before paying that capitalist racoon back. Maybe I’ll dust off the DS. Yeah!

  5. I’ll see you mutha truckas online. Watch out for the ball bomb tripple jump of death!!!

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