Rev Bits

Hope you’re having a nice and lazy Sunday. Let’s catch up with some Rev news.

First, Squeenix Prez Youichi Wada says we can expect “online capabilities, magnificent graphics, and an intense use of the revolutionary control of the platform” from the company’s Crystal Chronicles sequel on Revolution. As long as it’s good, i’m game. That comes via Revolution Advanced.

Then, Revolution Report relays info of Midway CEO David Zucker confirming a Revolution title slated for this year. Of four next-gen projects from Midway, only John Woo’s Stranglehold has a 2006 planned release. Although, after contacting a Midway representative, it was revealed that the Revolution game is not Stranglehold, but a different title. However, the same rep mentioned that Stranglehold may also hit the Rev later on. Sounds like a promise to me.

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