Electroplankton Review (DS)

[Update: While GameSpot reported a November 14 date, Nintendo has confirmed the title for January 9, 2005.]

Live Journal has an in depth review at the import version of Electroplankton for the DS. The game hits stores on November 14 here in the US and being the amateur musician that I am, I’m anxious to “tickle” my DS with the soothing sounds of underwater organisms.

Who’s stoked about this one?

“..it’s brilliant. ordered the .ja version a few months ago; it’s one of those hard-to-define ‘games’, but well worth the investment as a nice break from your standard fare.”
– Daniel (a new Infendo reader)

[Source: Live Journal]


  1. Looking forward to picking up a copy of this, plugging the audio into my amp and getting enveloped by 5 speaker surround system, with boomin sub. 🙂 Then I’ll curl up on my couch, smoke a fatty, drink some wine and be soothed by the sounds and lights. . .oh ya!

  2. I’m sorry, but can someone explain this game to me? I know it’s like, creating your own little tunes with “underwater sounds” – but how does this game take advantage of the DS’s features? Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for this one – it’s something that, to me, would never get old – but I’ve been looking for a detailed, yet still straight-forward review of the game, and I have yet to find one!


  3. Well u can check out the LiveJournal review if u follow the link.

  4. I imported it since I love music games. I am enjoying it. My next import will be Ounin! Tatakae! Ouenda!

  5. That’s great, except it’s not due to release until January in the states.

  6. I was in France over summer, and picked up a copy of it on one of the many import game stores that they have in “République,” a neighborhood of Paris.

    My first impression was that I was going to get tired of it pretty quickly, and it is true, after playing with it for a couple of days, I got tired of it…

    BUT, it is one of these rare game that you pick up once in a while, and totally have fun with it once again. This game has a very long life spend… I love it. It is a great piece of software to show-off to your friends who look at you like you’re a crazy person in need of serious help.

    My personal favorite is the Mario song with the “plankton” called Beatness. I am usually over the Mario theme song, but this is the plankton that you can use to make the most interesting beat. I play with it in the Metro very often, and tap on my DS frenetically.

    Anyway, just wanted to contribute on a very interesting piece of software.

    P.S.: This game doesn’t really have a purpose, for the people wondering what da heck they are suppose to do with it. The idea is to be creative and free in an environment like the DS (i.e. or all video game consoles, in that matter) that usually is restricted by certain moves and combinations…

  7. Hi, this is Chris (Prguitarman, the person who made that review) and I’d just like to say thank you for using it on Infendo. I hope that a lot of people find it informative and helpful. 😀

    Oh, and Muffingal, Ounin! Tatakae! Ouenda! is freaking awesome. It gets really hard at times, too, so don’t think this is an easy game to play.

  8. I’m with ano#3.
    The game is a LOT of fun for a short period of time, in fact a lot of short periods of time.
    I had a blast playing with it at a party. 4 am…last 5 people left…and then I made music on my DS….some jokes with the mic planctons….and then around 5 am I was spinning colorful rings…soooo relaxing 😉
    Good times….

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