Early call: I’ll be surprised if Wii Sports doesn’t end up as the greatest game this generation


I played Wii Sports Resort last month. It’s awesome. I think Wii Motion Plus is awesome, and the next step in motion control games. And yet, I fire up the original Wii Sports today, while researching a story I’m working on, and I’m still blown away by how “magical” the experience is; how responsive bowling, tennis, and to a lesser extent, golf controls are, even in light of Motion Plus.

As a testament to its enjoyfulness (sic), I played longer than I needed to. It was a reminder that the original Wii Sports still holds up to this day’nay, it’s still an awesome game’one you can’t keep coming back to. That said, I will be shocked if it’s not widely regarded as the best, greatest, most influencial game of this generation. Being designed by Miyamoto himself, that should come as no surprise.