DS games dominate as Madden looms on sideline

You probably assume that DS gamers who want to rock out New Super Mario Bros. and Brain Age have already owned these games for months now. After all, they were released in May and April, respectively. If you’re thinking this way, you’d better hit up Brain Age, as your rusty brain synapses are getting crossed and formulating false conclusions. The two games grabbed the top two spots on BestBuy.com’s console game sales charts during the week of July 30-August 5. Other DS games made the the top 10, including Mario Kart DS in the fifth spot and Trauma Center: Under the Knife in sixth.

Of course, this will likely change once Madden hits on August 22. Sure, it’ll be the same football game we’ve seen for the past several years with a few new features, but that won’t stop tons of gamers from putting their cash down on it, knocking these innovative DS gems down the charts. Personally, I’d say John Madden needs to play some Brain Age and improve his noggin, as he tends to repeat the same lines over and over in his games. Better yet, let’s see him tackle some Koopas in New Super Mario Bros. I can’t think of a more amusing sight. Wait, yes I can – John Madden playing Madden on Wii.

[via Gamespot]